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Experiential learning / Internships at Andrean High School

Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience.  The distinguishing characteristic of true experimental learning is the reflection of the experience.  The learner not only actively engages and applies concepts in a real-world context, but they also spend time reflecting on that experience to make sense of the learning.


A genuine learning experience requires specific elements. The learner must have four abilities:
  1. The learner must be willing to be actively involved in the experience;
  2. The learner must be able to reflect on the experience;
  3. The learner must possess and use analytical skills to conceptualize the experience; and
  4. The learner must possess decision-making and problem-solving skills in order to use the new ideas gained from the experience.


At Andrean High School, our faculty work in and out of the classroom to ensure the whole integration of the learning experience.  Students are gaining content knowledge traditionally through instruction and applying that knowledge to life via community service, dual credit courses, civic engagement, internship, research/independent study projects, and cultural immersion.